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Used Car Sales for Innsworth

How did we ever manage without these location focused used car websites. These are the best that we have found to help you find second hand cars around Innsworth and Gloucestershire

They are all preconfigured with their cars automatically focused on your location. All the major brands - listed by distance from GL3. Find a Ford, VW, Vauxhall, Mercedes, Renault, Toyota, Peugeot, BMW, Audi, Honda, Land Rover, Nissan.
The first and still one of the best Used Car Sales websites. There are lots of new and used cars for you to see around Innsworth and Gloucestershire

You can of course sell your car through the site!

Excellent video full of Car Buying Hints and Tips

As good as Ebay but cooler - with no bidding of course!
An excellent new generation car website with lots of cars with 30 miles of Innsworth
EBAYCrop.jpgThe Ebay car site is fast, clear, intuitive and shows cars in miles away from your location. It has to be one of the best - especially if you like bidding for things!

Go and see New and Used Cars for Sale around Innsworth

Evans Halshaw Car Store Gloucester

Barnwood Point, Corinium Ave, Gloucester GL4 3HX, UK – 01452 876500

Good prices but some worrying sales processes. Bought a car I'd seen online which thankfully reflected the £100 admin fee that seems to be magically added to all car prices (wonder why they do this, perhaps there's a different tax rate for admin fees?) The bring the car to me feature (for a £200 deposit) is a great idea and worked well. I see sales guys have been singled out in other reviews for high pressure sales. Whilst I wasn't overly pressured to buy dent insurance and other stuff I don't need, I did have to sit through explanations and demos. Basically, it felt as if the sales guy was, himself, under pressure to do so. I therefore think the high pressure sales mentality is endemic to the company rather than the individual sales guys. Be warned. The proscribed test drive is all a bit odd, but I could cope with that. ALL other garages just sent me off with the car on my own with a limited amount of fuel in the tank. At this point I was happy and wanted the car. So why only 3 stars? The wierd began when I agreed to buy. I was forced to sign multiple documents confirming that I didn't want all the extra insurance stuff. This is clearly just high pressure sales techniques built into their process. Last time you went to a supermarket to buy milk were you forced to sign a document confirming that you'd been offered eggs too? Yeah... no. It was made very clear to me that I couldn't have the car unless I signed all this, and at that point my lift had left. Had I not needed to be somewhere promptly I would not have signed anything other than that I was buying the car. The next small but significant issue was the Evans Halshaw stickers (4 of them) in the window. Including one that advertises their quality assurance. They didn't pay me for sponsorship so I removed them just to find that one has security features leaving the word 'void' plastered all over the window. I mean, seriously, do they have a problem with people fraudulently putting stickers in the window of random cars and demanding after sales care? Madness.

Very impressed with their new location and choice of vehicles. Their coffee is awesome and their receptionist very attentive and friendly. Its very different to their old location... where you had to wait ages to get to speak to someone, and was not inviting at all. Will be back when its time for a new vehicle. The salesman Elliot was very helpful to a family member when buying her first UK vehicle. Thank you for that. It was a painless experience. Will be back ... If only for the coffee.

Town Cars

65-77 Cheltenham Rd E, Churchdown, Gloucester GL3 1JN, UK – 01452 856234

Just purchased a VW Passat from Town Cars and have to say I've been incredibly impressed with them from start to finish. Doug, the owner, has been absolutely 1st class from the off. No high pressure sales, just honest & fair, allowing me the space and time to make my choice. Received exactly the book price on my previous car in P/X so, again, it just shows how "straight" they do things. Can't recommend them enough.

Excellent service. Good cars at reasonable prices

L and S Cars

Eastern Avenue, Gloucester GL4 3BS, UK – 01452 502016

I purchased a quality car from L & S cars. I'm so pleased with it. Great friendly and very helpful service. I had a small problem with the car but it wasn't any trouble for them to sort out. Really happy and would buy another car from them in the future and would recommend them to friends and family.

Just bought a used car from them, great service, great prices and all good, thank you A+ :-)